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Overcoming Cloud Struggles and Challenges

  • Thursday, September 08, 2016
  • 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Davenport University Sneden Center, 6191 Kraft Ave SE • Grand Rapids, MI 49512
  • 17


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You've heard that everyone else is moving to the cloud and think you must be missing out and possibly falling behind.  Is cloud the Silver lining or the Thunderstorm. The cloud can bring both relief and challenges to the IT Landscape. While there are definitely benefits to moving to the cloud in today's environment, it has to be done in a planful way. 

Cloud may not be the answer for everything.  Moving to the cloud involves a lot of effort; IT finances will change, you will have to address integration with on-premise systems, your network architecture, change management, deal with security implications, end user training and IT skill set realignment.  Plus, IT's relationship with the company will change because you are no longer the owner of the service infrastructure. At the end of the day, will the change and struggle be worth it?

At this ITMA session, we'll hear from companies who are well on their way to a cloud based future. We'll hear about the results they are seeing, the results they are hoping for and the struggles they've had on the way.
We'll also hear from companies that are aren't considering cloud today and why they are waiting.
Topics to be covered include:

  • Why pursue cloud
  • Key lessons learned
  • The potential impact of the cloud on IT; People, processes, things, data
  • The struggles that must be overcome to address the impact on IT
  • What must be done (public policy, security compliance, infrastructure design, etc.) to reduce that struggle
  • Living with a hybrid model
  • IT strategy impact, adjusted/aligned to meet desired outcomes
  • Decision making framework
  • Legal obligations and needs for Lawyers to become instrumentally involved
  • Need for strong governance and accountability to protect the company from potential costly mistakes
  • The surprise factor, what cloud does not over unless those services are requested by you. High Availability, Disaster Recovery, Monitoring, Management , etc.
  • What happens if the service goes wrong...fix it? Can you? The exit strategy.


8:00 - 8:30 | Registration & Networking

8:30 - 8:40 | Welcome & Introductions

8:40 - 8:55 | MiCareerQuest 2017
Katie Petre, Corporate Communications Specialist 3, Spectrum Health
Adam Clarke, Experience & Solutions, Engagement Manager, CQL 
8:55 - 9:10 | Member Profile
Tim Osbeck, Sr ITS Director of Infrastructure and Operations,  Meijer

9:10 - 10:30 | The Cloud Experience Presentations & Panel
Craig Paull, IT Director, Kent County
Tony Pazik, Director, Director IT Infrastructure, Amway
Chris Vander Velde - Shape Corp, Technical Support Manager, Shape Corporation
Tim Dechant, Chief Partnership Officer, Information Technology Partners

10:30 - 10:45 | Break
10:45 - 11:30 | Panel & Table Discussions

11:30 - 12:00 | Networking & Lunch

Our Panel will cover:

  • What does the cloud offer that is so compelling?
  • What do you think you may be sacrificing by moving to the cloud?
  • When you envision the future of your IT infrastructure, what does it look like?
  • What are the barriers to getting to that future?
  • How are you addressing those barriers?
  • What about the cloud is holding you back?
  • What do you think you are gaining by owning your services?
  • What do you think may be sacrificing by continuing to own your services?
  • What changes would have to be made for you to consider it an option?
  • How are you managing the data that is in the cloud for eDiscovery, security, archival needs?
  • Do you know what data of yours is in the cloud already? (some will be surprised)
  • Who signed the SLA (click through) to put your data in the cloud-did they follow a company policy?

Who should attend:  IT Management & Practitioners
Map & Parking
Please note the special parking instructions. Parking is free, but you must print a copy of the Special Parking Pass and place in your windshield.

Map to Davenport's Sneden Center

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